Letter - Do you know of the song ‘Yorkshire, my Yorkshire’?

​My son and daughter-in-law have a DVD of an early documentary film made in 1952 by Lindsay Anderson, the renowned director.

The film is about the Wakefield Express and the people of Horbury.

There’s a background track of children singing old Yorkshire songs and we’ve been trying to find the words and music of one of them. The children are from Snapethorpe and Horbury Secondary Modern schools and the band is the Horbury Victoria Prize band.

The song includes the words “Yorkshire, my Yorkshire” and also “and you are Yorkshire too”. These are the only words we can make out and we’d love to know if any of your readers know anything more.

Maybe some of the pupils from either of those two schools or from the band will still be around and can remember the day when the filming was done.

We’ve been searching for this for some time and I’m sure someone among your readers will have the answer.

My son lives in London now but still loves his home county and thinks this graet song should be revived!

Anne Ward

Foxwood Rise