Letter - Do you want us to be sat indoors on our X-Boxes asks William, aged 12

I also feel strongly about the decision the council has made to allow even more new houses to be built in place of our local sports ground at West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club in Sandal.

My brother and I are members and enjoy playing football, cricket and tennis there on an evening and in the holidays. Surely the council should be looking to provide more facilities to encourage us teenagers to be involved in sports in our local area rather than just building, building, building unless of course you would rather we all sit inside playing on X-boxes while more fields are being destroyed.

My suggestion is, instead of destroying the beautiful fields and existing sports ground, please just improve what’s already there to make it better. A modern clubhouse and sporting facilities, right at the centre of our community in Sandal, would be brilliant for us all.

As Andy Murray said on Monday, ‘There needs to be more facilities for children to play.’

Do our councillors listen to residents? If they do, please just say NO to loads more houses and keep our sports ground.

William Holgate, aged 12

Marriott Grove