Letter - Does it really take 20 years to build 2,500 homes and a relief road?

I’m writing in regard about the new relief road to the east of Wakefield city centre.

I’m all up for it myself but there is always a big but isn’t there? 20 years to build 2,500 new homes and a new relief road?

Any big builders like Miller Homes, Noble Homes, Barratt Homes etc can knock a house up a week, then surely it will only take 2,500 weeks, not 20 years?

What the biggest joke is Wakefield Council 20 years to build a new relief road for Wakefield so is that a mile per year Wakefield Council? £500m scheme?

I’m sorry to say but prices will go up! Wages? Cost of tarmac? Cost of bricks? etc so that’s another joke isn’t it? Only one thing which is the truth that yes, it will bring jobs into Wakefield but all the jobs will be temp jobs not permanent jobs which Wakefield really needs.

The new relief road can be built in a year with the right companies, not the said 20 years. Look at the Hepworth Art Gallery for a minute Wakefield Council was soon to get that built wasn’t they?

Do you see my point now? Who agrees and disagrees.

I really thought Wakefield Council will want this development built as soon as possible for the 2,500 rate payers it will bring into Wakefield Council’s pockets but they don’t?

Are they mad? 2,500 extra rate payers? 20 years? Give your heads a wobble Wakefield Council! Most of Wakefield people won’t even have the chance to see this happen, they will be dead by the time this gets the go ahead and built!

Surely Wakefield people want to see the finished product seeing as they will be paying towards it with their rates?

C J Taylor

Doncaster Road