Letter - Dual carriageway is essential

The letter from Mr Pimblett (February 28) raised some interesting and controversial points about the redevelopment of the city centre, but I am sure that anyone who has used the new Westgate Station will agree with him that it is excellent and has been long overdue.

Where your correspondent goes off the rails is saying that we must not be lulled into complacency and then goes on to say that a new rail link to the south is “essential”.

Perhaps he would tell us exactly who is being complacent and why.

It is also very curious for him to say a new rail link to London is essential, when it would impossible to use directly as it will by-pass Wakefield with the nearest stations either being in Leeds or the outskirts of Sheffield.

What I would suggest is essential, is a dual carriageway eastern by-pass of Wakefield, to reduce city centre congestion, with a link to the new roads on the Wakefield side of Normanton. In relation to railways the electrification of the Calder Valley line and to Huddersfield to get a better service to Manchester and beyond is far more essential than a new route to the south.

Donald Goodwin

Westcroft Drive