Letter - EU meddling in policy over women in combat

Why should the EU have any voice in the rules relating to our armed forces?

A consultation is being conducted into whether female soldiers should be allowed to participate in front line combat.

EU law requires such a review to be held every eight years. The last such review took place in the UK in 2010, and decided against any change in policy.

There are two aspects to this matter. On the substance of the issue I myself see no reason why female soldiers should not be assigned such a role. Other countries already allow women this equality.

Surely, however, it should be ours alone to determine whether we re-assess this policy. It has nothing to do with trade between the EU member states.

Although we are not being compelled to make a change, is this not yet another example of the EU interfering in fields unconnected with economics?

Keith F Wells


Wakefield District Branch

UK Independence Party