Letter - Fragility of the world order

The continuing international diplomatic turmoil and tension surrounding Russia’s necessary and proportionate actions over the catastrophic developments in Ukraine are a reminder of the fragility of the world order.

A legitimate and democratically elected Ukrainian government and its President are driven from office and forced into involuntary exile by a wave of inter-connected mass demonstrations and occupations largely driven by acknowledged openly fascist/racist organisations.

One of the prominent leaders of that wave of anarchic, civil insurrections was reported as having been assassinated and as result his followers have sworn vengeance against the interim and far from constitutionally legitimate regime currently in power in Kiev.

Quite how the USA and its coterie of EU and NATO lackeys, our country amongst them, can assert any apparent ‘moral’ authority in such a complex and dangerous political impasse is bewildering to say the least.

Having been stymied by the rest of the world in its desire to bomb and or invade Syria, the economically crippled western capitalist states have once again demonstrated their monumental and calamitous judgement in seeking to impose their squalid and indefensible solution upon Russia.

This of course has not the slightest chance of succeeding in what the rest of the world recognises and understands as the realm of Realpolitik.

What with proven criminal psychopaths, murderers, anti-semites, racists, fascists, supporters of the Waffen SS and dangerous ideologues all backed by NATO who wish only to impose European Central Bank austerity measures on their own people as the price for EU entry; clearly it’s time for our own vainglorious and impotent “leaders” to shut up and sit down.

Louis Kasatkin

Pinderfields Road