Letter - Get HS3 proposal on the move first

So now, as a ‘Sop to Cerberus’, we’ve all been offered HS3!


Do the fat cats, who want HS2, think we are Northern oiks and can be bought off by a specious proposal that almost certainly has no chance of implementation? Quite clearly, any clear thinking individual knows (if they are honest) that to spend £50bn pounds plus to save 20 minutes per trip to London from Leeds or Manchester is economic insanity.

So, why are the big political battalions supporting it? Is it because politicians (of whatever colour) are generally greedy characters interested in their own self-agrandisement or the expansion of their bank balances?

Or are they bending over backwards to feather the nests of those to whom they owe pay-back?

I don’t know the answers to these questions but I’m sure I am correct in raising them. There have to be murky deals going on for this ludicrous proposal to be on the table at all!

On a trip to London from Wakefield this weekend the outward journey took took two hours eleven minutes and the return took two hours one minute.

Many people, despite it being the weekend, were hooked up to their computers and so, the time for them was productive. The train stopped at three intermediate stations and a lot of passengers got on and off.

So, not only is there no discernible benefit to our region, but there is a huge potential economic dis-benefit to our fellow countrymen elsewhere. Of course, the economic fantasists making a case for HS2 seem to have found it convenient not to mention this.

Coming back to HS3, there is a case for this. Also a case for a similar dynamic rail linkage of Tyneside/Wearside to our region.

So, come on Westminster, prove you have some integrity, and do what could really give this country economic lift-off.

Let’s turn these proposals on their heads: the building of the Trans-Pennine and North Eastern routes to be implemented prior to HS2 with the latter amended to a proposal to modernise existing rail networks between the North and the capital instead of the irresponsible chewing up of hundreds of thousands of acres entailed in driving through new northern routes!

David Smith

Wakefield Road