Letter - Has Wakefield Council lost its marbles?

Is it me? Has the council completely lost its marbles?

I have lived in this city for many years now and I have always had an interest in the art scene.

I have visited many galleries in this country and I am sure many towns and cities are in awe of our two major art establishments. Namely The Hepworth and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I just wish that they had the pleasure of funding them.

The headline of the Express was beyond belief in this climate of swinging cuts in the city. Cuts affecting the young and the vulnerable.

I am one of the first to heap praise on the Hepworth for its ability to show art in a space second to none.

Its position at the entrance to the city and surrounded by the river and across from the Chantry Chapel is excellent. BUT and it’s a big BUT, how can it possibly hope to attract the people who are missing out on the funds available if it continues to exhibit works of the standard it is at present.

The present offering by Franz West is probably insulting to Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, especially alongside their work. The nose on a stick in the grounds must have taken some imagination to create.

I daren’t start on the room full of settees, it would even be an insult to DFS. I can assure you that I find it an insult to my intelligence, and how this standard of art is expected to attract more visitors I fail to understand.

The YSP is quite a different matter to some degree. It isn’t hard to attract people to an area of such beauty, and works of art in parts of the park is an added bonus. I don’t think that the people who are being affected by these cuts will be the ones visiting them though, and I feel they will feel left out when any money is available.

Come on Wakefield Council, you are a Labour stronghold, with socialist values, show people that you care.

Michael Slack

Cyprus Avenue

St Johns