Letter - Here’s my HGV advice on saving the lives of cyclists

Dear Mary Creagh MP,

After reading you newsletter dated December 2, I note the section around Labour’s Cycling Plans.

I note the “Tough New Rules for HGVs.”

As an HGV driver I again make this offer to you, please take up my offer of a day with me while I deliver milk in my LGV across our fair land.

I’d love you to see the number of times I need be pro-active in avoiding some smashing into a person on a cycle, playing hit the wagon with their bike.

Tell me why I need insurance for my LGV, car and motorbike, yet a cyclist need not?

Tell me why I need to wear a high visibility vest, yet a cyclist does not? Tell me why I must use my lights in bad weather and the dark, yet a cyclist seems ok not to?

The largest thing on a push bike is the person....they seldom have lights, a high visibility vest would save life.

Even in good light a high visibility vest makes the cyclist stand out.

The big life saver would be when a wagon is stopped, at lights or ready to make a manoeuvre, make it illegal for a cyclist to move within 10 yards of the wagon - no more cyclists killed while a wagon is making a left turn, in one simple law!

So, Mary Creagh MP, do you want an education on us HGV drivers? Come out with me.

Mac Wheeldon

Major Street