Letter - Highways department is staggering from one crisis to the next

Can anyone please tell me what does Graham West actually do?

He certainly doesn’t run the highways department. Who does he answer to? Not the ratepayers.

It took almost two years and countless phone calls to get the road repaired where I live.

During the winter myself and a few other like-minded residents clear the snow and grit the road and paths where we live.

We have a grit bin at the top of the street which is continually empty. I ring up to ask for it filling, what happens? Nothing.

I ring up to speak to the highways department, Nothing.

I ring up to speak to Mr West, what happens? He is on annual leave, in a meeting or busy. ‘We will get you to ring you back.’ What happens? Nothing.

When the weather is bad would it not be prudent to put all grit bins on a rota for filling? Instead the council teams seem to run about like headless chickens filling grit bins.

The ironic think is they drive past the bottom of Pippins Green to fill the bin outside the school on Brandy Carr Road.

We are doing the job for the council, all we want is the grit to do the job for them.

Come on, Mr West get your act together and organise your department, who knows you might even save some money.

As an addendum to my letter, you won’t be surprised to know that the grit bin on Pippins is empty.

But there is no point being prepared. Just do what you always do, stagger along from one crisis to another.

J Burnham,

Pippins Green Avenue,