Letter - I agree with entry fee suggestion

Six million, six million! This is an outrageous statement,from Wakefield Council, which is set to plough this sort of cash into the Hepworth Art gallery, during the next five years.

This is shocking news and unacceptable with all the cuts throughout the city, which have been thrust upon us by the government.

This is a ludicrous idea by Wakefield Council.

I understand that the Hepworth Art gallery has attracted thousands of people from all parts of the country and also Wakefield has benefitted from the visitors, that’s good.

It is only about two years ago that Wakefield Council was to give £2 million towards Wakefield Wildcats new football stadium at New Market old colliery site. This new stadium would be beneficial towards all sports enthusiasts, it also was going to have a hotel and business park, this was going to be a great boost for the city’s economy, plus especially the unemployed in this city, creating 2,000 jobs.

It would have been an extra £130 million in the city’s economy, but it looks like that has been shelved again.

I do agree with Mr Mark Bradley, the Hepworth gallery should charge an entry fee instead of putting another burden on the tax payer.

John Wildie

Briar Grove