Letter - I’d be more friendly if we helped the Heath horses

In reply to a letter of a few weeks back, regarding the protection of the countryside and the reference to Heath Common from Joe Fisher.

I would gladly become a “friend of Heath Common” if something could be done for the horses which reside there.

I don’t know who owns them but have issues concerning their welfare. For a start, they are tethered which limits their movement. Horses should be allowed to roam freely and interact with each other, being social animals. This is not possible on the Common as there are no boundaries.

Is the Common therefore a suitable place for them? I don’t believe that any animal should be permanently tethered. For a horse, it is, in my opinion, not much better than the shameful practice of keeping battery hens.

They are left out in the cold, over the long winter nights, whatever the weather. I pass by there frequently and see their silhouettes in the dark. They are usually standing solitary and cannot appear to even huddle together for warmth. They have no coats on their backs for protection.

Could not some for of shelter be found for these poor animals? Other horses have stables with straw. Farm animals are not left out in the winter.

I am firmly of the opinion that their quality of life is not as good as it should be.

Having said all this, I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is and contribute financially, if anything could be done.

Carol Taylor

Leeds Road

Newton Hill