Letter - I grew up in a city that was booming

I grew up in a city that was booming, loads of shops, a market to be proud of, always lots of stalls selling everything you could wish for.

People used to come from far and wide to shop in our Cathedral town but now I have to say where has my town gone?

I looked at Wakefield last week as if I was a visitor to the town and seeing it through their eyes I would never come here again to shop, well to shop is a joke!

Getting off the train and walking up Westgate with a pocket full of money to spend, first thing I saw was shops boarded up. I thought well let’s get into the centre it will be better, wrong, what do I see but more shops boarded up to rent to let every other shop.

Am I seeing things - is this Wakefield a capital city a place where any visitor would want to come? Wakefield has so much to offer, a lot to see and do, or so it says in the places to visit guide.

I have never seen such a deserted place. OK, there is the Ridings and Trinity Walk if you like those kind of places, if like me you like to wander around town shops and the market then hard luck.

There are more properties to rent or to let in the town centre than anywhere I have ever seen and all these are shops that could help to make the town boom again given chance.

If the council gave the shop owners a chance they could bring bus loads of shoppers back to Wakefield as I used to remember years ago.

Give them a chance, reduce their rates for 10 years, help them to help put Wakefield back as a boom town.

Empty shops means empty profit both for the council and the shopkeepers. Please don’t stand by and watch any more shops shut as Wakefield needs shoppers, shoppers need shops, shops need a chance.

Ann Walker

Magdalene Road