Letter - I’m in support of the Crofton mine plans

As someone who was born and raisded in Crofton Village and who’s family home is still there, I write to express my support for the new Driftmine to be opened there as opposed to the negative views of Nick Hill 27/6/14.

I remember when the village had three much larger collieries on our doorstep, plus the area where the driftmine will be was Anglers opencast.

There was no problem with HGVs, people got on without any trouble he forecasts.

You will still be able to enjoy walking and cycling at Anglers country park.

I remember playing on the land where houses now stand. The traffic problems stem from this massive housing development without the infrastructure to support it, not a few HGVs which don’t have to use the High Street to access the mine.

As for no benefits coming to the community what does he base this assumption on. I fully support a workers co-operative owned and run by the workers for their benefit and the wider community, not the corporate greed of big business and business owners who support no-one but themselves to the detriment of everyone else.

Fifty good well paid jobs and not twenty-five and I hope Mr Hill is prepared to eat his own words when the rest of the benefits of this project become apparent in the village.

Good luck to the mine and the people who get jobs there I wish you well and great success.

Darron Pease

Priory Road