Letter - I’m so disappointed you voted ‘No’ to HS2

I was extremely disappointed to read that WMDC had voted to oppose Hi-Speed 2.

The reason for such high-speed routes being built is to avoid the need for numerous intermediate stops. In each country where high-speed lines have been established the intention has been to link major centres of business and/or population, matters which often go together. The intermediate areas remain served by the existing routes which should then have increased capacity.

That is why Wakefield and central Sheffield would not have stations on HS2. HS is intended to do ‘what it says on the tin’ and deliver high-speed connections. For Wakefield people to have to waste time in travelling to Leeds in order to benefit is a complete red-herring. It is comparable to taking a long detour to join a motorway rather than using a shorter non-motorway route. Time saving on the motorway then becomes irrelevant.

Wakefield currently has three rail companies offering services to London and intermediate destinations at roughly 30 minute intervals. We do not need more. Let HS2 supply the long distance needs and release the East Coast Mainline to maintain its excellent services to other destinations.

Minor arguments about the precise route and whether or not it will infringe this or that nature reserve or housing development can be decided later.

Equally irrelevant at this stage is whether the line should later be extended to Scotland. What we need is the initial agreement to develop HS2 to the benefit of all regions around its route and argue about the niceties later.

Freddie Marshall

Lake View