Letter - I’m so pleased you voted ‘No’ to HS2

Firstly, may I give congratulations and thanks to the Wakefield and Normanton councillors who actually, after a long time waiting and only 48 hours before the deadline for objections to be submitted, listened to and voted according to the

overwhelming public opinion against the HS2 project.

I sincerely hope that they will now openly and actively campaign against this environmental and economic disaster.

Moving on now to our two local MPs, Yvette Cooper and Mary Creagh, and one of our previous MPs Ed Balls.

What will you do now? Whilst propourting to represent your electorate, at least 75% of whom are anti HS2, you have consistantly refused to actually support or denounce HS2, preferring to give stonewall answers about “supporting

schemes to enhance infastructure” or “supporting economic growth and development in the North and anywhere else in the UK.”

Both the above statements behind which you hide actually mean nothing. You refuse to ever give a direct answer to a yes or no question and forever tow the current party line.

If the party line changes, you then claim the high ground and change your generic, meaningless answers to suit.

Mary Creagh, you are the Shadow transport minister, your local councils, chamber of commerce and local electorate do not agree with the proposed HS2, do not believe the economic or environmental case has been made and in short, no-one wants it.

For once, listen and act accordingly rather than continue with the face-saving excercise.

Yvette Cooper, you have seen the strength of feeling, you have been unable or unwilling to produce any information about anyone in the district who really supports the project and have consistantly refused to represent the wishes and

demands of the people who elected you. Do your duty and stand up for the people who put you where you are.

Ed Balls, you are a disgrace. You refuse to denounce HS2, hiding behind the will someone else pull the plug so we can gloat and claim political kudos.

You are happy to allow this ill-fated project to pass through our towns and villages, but when a second route is proposed through the town you represent it’s suddenly unacceptable.

What a pathetic state of affairs it is when, despite unwavering, massive public opinion, our MPs cannot stray from the sheep-like party line!

Alan Lewis

The Crescent