Letter - Investment is needed to improve road safety

Once again road safety is in the news in Wakefield.

Perhaps now we could consider some other means of reducing the number of accidents rather than constantly pressing for lower speed limits?

Yes, we have some bad roads in the Wakefield area; Chevet Lane, Doncaster Road and the main road to Barnsley amongst them.

But what is it that makes them dangerous? Their physical layout. All of these roads have to some exent or other, blind corners, blind summits, offset crossroads and junctions with poor lines of sight.

These dangers are compounded by the fact that Chevet Lane is unlit for most of its length, as is the Barnsley Road between Newmillerdam and Staincross.

This has been the case with these roads for as long as I can remember, going back 50 years and more. They have always been dangerous.

In that length of time what has been done to physically alter these roads to make them safer? The answer is - not much.

I know that this would be expensive, certainly more expensive than just putting a new sign up with a lower number on it, but really the motorists of this country deserve better.

We pay first-class prices for third-class roads and it is time that this changed.

Lowering the speed limits on these roads will not stop them from being dangerous roads, only physically altering them will do that.

Nick Hill