Letter - Is Horbury the forgotten town?

In The Citizen, issue 53 Spring 2013, we read that Wakefield Council is continuing with the regeneration of Castleford, Wakefield’s Westgate and Kirkgate, Pontefract, Normanton, Knottingley and Ferrybridge, with no mention of the “cuts”.

In the Wakefield Express on March 15, under the heading ‘We will make our town more attractive for us and for visitors’ followed by, what appeared to be, almost begging for funds to do a few minor adjustments in Horbury by three Horbury councillors and some trades people.

Is it that, once again, a small town in the west of Wakefield is being neglected while the city centre and the east side, regardless of the cuts, can obtain millions of pounds, seemingly from nowhere, for regeneration and places that could attract tourists?

One has to wonder why we in Horbury pay our council tax, especially when we see all the litter and the general run-down look of the town, with unused buildings with litter-strewn grounds etc.

As Wakefield Council is at present playing host to various charity runs etc, would it be possible to organise a ‘pick litter race’ and name it Race For Health, as all this throw away litter must be breeding unhealthy things?

Isn’t it about time the council paid a little more attention to the suburbs and less attention to the money grabbing ‘entrepreneurs’ with their supermarkets and fancy shops?

More so when there is little work or money available.

And, to emphasise a point one northern supermarket is sacking 700 staff because the company’s profits were down by seven per cent last year and profits were only £879 million.

Where is the north-south divide?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street