LETTER - Is this a democracy?

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I MUST comment on the two letters (August 12) from J Wildie and P Mcgowan.

I am astounded by their political naivety.

We are governed by a parliamentary dictatorship not a democracy as many people think. We are allowed to vote every five years.

Whichever dictatorship is voted in it forgets all its election promises and follows its political agenda.

For the country to be democratic it requires the voters to have more say, and that can only be done by having referendums on the important matters, i.e. capital punishment, the EU, immigration, nuclear weapons, war, etc.

For this to happen we will need MPs with courage, stature and statesmanship. Does anyone know any MP with these attributes? Certainly not the local ones, in my opinion.

But locally, to cheer these gents up, the Wildcats are in Super League, we’ve got Trinity Walk, the Hepworth Gallery and the new market hall, and further afield Her Majesty’s diamond jubilee and the Olympic Games.

Keith Pickering

Forest Close