Letter - It was Labour that opened the immigration floodgates

Further to the Politically Speaking column by Mary Creagh.

I think it only fair that the public should be reminded that it was Mrs Creagh’s Labour government which, in 2004, allowed over one million migrant workers to begin flooding into the UK, unhindered from the new EU accession countries.

Of course these workers bring their children with them and have children when they get here. That is what has caused the increasing strain on local schools that Mrs Creagh claims to be so concerned about.

In the nine and a half years since this huge influx began, Labour were in government for six and a half of them. What did Labour do to mitigate the foreseeable problem, which they caused, when despite being warned, they underestimated the numbers coming to the UK by 99%? They didn’t apologise, instead they disgracefully labelled anyone who complained, a racist.

No doubt Mrs Creagh will blame the current government for the huge influx we are likely to see from Romania and Bulgaria in January 2014, when restrictions are lifted, despite the fact that it was her government that signed us up to it.

It might have been nice had Mrs Creagh’s government left a penny piece in the pot with which to build some new schools, but as we all know, there was no money left.

Tony Homewood


Wakefield District Conservative Association