Letter - Just how stupid does this councillor think we are?

Surely we have all had enough of politicians telling us what is good for us when they have no firm evidence to back up their claims.

Now we have Coun Hemingway putting forward the highly dubious assertion that a supermarket would be good for the small businesses and independent retailers of Ossett and Horbury. How stupid does he think we are?

Apparently his ridiculous assertion is based upon “a study commissioned by the council”.

Well, it is hardly surprising that a body commissioned by the council will come to exactly the conclusion that the council wants to hear.

What a marvellous excuse to sell off yet more land to the rapacious developers. Who wants sports fields when we can have more supermarkets? Certainly not Wakefield Council it seems.

I would like to ask Coun Hemingway to name the people who came up with this “study”. If they are not employed directly by the council, then who is paying their wages?

On what evidence do they justify their claim that a supermarket would be good for our independent retailers? Doesn’t this run contrary to all our past experience?

We have all seen for ourselves that supermarkets kill small businesses and result in town centres full of boarded up shops? Where can we read this amazing “study” for ourselves?

We should not swallow Coun Hemingway’s argument without asking these and other searching questions.

Eric Cudworth

Beechwood Grove