Letter - Keep hands off our NHS

IN reply to What Do You Think about the trust’s cuts in the Express on Friday, April 6, I was employed at NHS Pinderfields for just 20 years in the portering department, but am now retired.

The bosses at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust are planning to cut more working hours, reduce the use of agency staff and offer all hospital staff unpaid leave to save £24m.

This statement is stupid and ridiculous.

They cannot cope now with the staff they have got.

So to reduce all staff now, which includes nurses, porters and domestic staff, will cause more problems to patients who are waiting for treatment hours on end and sat in chairs or on trolleys.

Unison leader Adrian O’Malley said it was a way to privatisation and job cuts would pile more pressure on staff. He said Unison would fight against privatisation, on which I jolly support him.

Privatisation was sneaking into the health authority even before Mrs Thatcher was prime minister, but she didn’t help matters.

Mrs Thatcher’s favourite saying to the health authority “you’re safe with us” was all lies.

The Tory government started to swing the axe, the portering department at Pinderfields was the first to be hit, we had to reduce manpower - I know, I was there.

One of the main problems was too many chiefs and not enough workers.

Jumped-up bosses walking around with clipboards and mobile phones looking important, who knew nothing about hospital work and were there just because they had been to university.

Yet men and women with years of hard training were degraded.

The past governments are now crippling our health authority.

Hands off please.

John Wildie

Briar Grove