Letter - Keep Westgate Station entrance open

I find it hard to believe that East Coast (the present owners of Wakefield Westgate station) intend to close the present entrance at Wakefield Westgate once the new booking office is open.

This entrance is more convenient for the city centre, closing it will mean everyone will have to walk back up the platform then back down the other side, forcing us to cover the same distance twice.

This is not very friendly towards passengers, especially first-class passengers who will now have to walk down to their end of the train.

This is stealing our time and I for one will not be putting up with it, I live near Outwood and use the train daily but will be taking the bus as it gives direct access into town without a convoluted and unnecessary route.

If anyone knows of a petition/protest against the closure I would be happy to sign it.

Bethany Harris

Kingsley Close