Letter - Let’s bring the city back to life first

Has our council planning department gone completely mad?

To think that we need all these out of town shops at Snow Hill is beyond my comprehension and probably most other Wakefield residents.

Have they not visited Wakefield town centre for a while? Well to be honest I rarely visit myself these days as there isn’t a lot left to go for and the parking charges must put most other visitors off.

I really feel for the retail businesses that are left in the city centre, Trinity Walk has taken a lot of shoppers away from the town centre and the Ridings Centre is a bit of a ghost town. Surely the emphasis here must be put back on to helping the existing traders and getting people back into the city.

The article in the Express stated: “Residents in this area have very limited choice, so many people have to travel out of the area to shop.”

Well how near would you like to be to the shops? There are plenty of local shops around there and you could easily walk into town or take a very short bus ride.

As for another cafe and gastro pub, how many more of those do we need when many are closing down and there are plenty of those in the vicinity and about 500 yards up the road. No doubt these businesses will be affected also.

With the opening of the Hepworth and refurbishment of Kirkgate Railway station bringing more visitors to Wakefield, let’s bring the city back to life first and make it worth revisiting instead of coining in more business rates from yet more empty shops.

Sharon Harrison

Shay Court