Letter - Let’s show our MPs some support

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the remarkably similar letters coming from a group of men in Altofts over the last few weeks knocking our MPs?

Isn’t the truth that there’ll always be people willing to have a go, actually our MPs don’t do a bad job of it.

At the moment I know they’re campaigning against the horrible bedroom tax that’s hitting thousands of people across our area and fighting to save Kellingley Colliery as well. And they all have offices in their constituencies ready to help people out.

Not all MPs do that - but ours do!

And as for “the Last Labour Government” that those letters seemed especially upset about, sure they made some mistakes. But they did some great things as well, like the national minimum wage, or statutory holiday pay for everyone, or getting new school buildings at places like Normanton Common. Not a bad record if you ask me.

People might not always agree with the decisions their MPs take (or their councillors or MEPs or other politicians for that matter) but really shouldn’t we be looking at the real problem here, a Tory government that’s causing all sorts of problems for people round here?

Let’s stop being silly and realise that our MPs are in a really tough position fighting for our area right now, and show them a bit of support for the work that they actually do.

Jade Botterill

Whinbeck Avenue