Letter - Make parking free to help businesses

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Does Peter Box think that the people of Wakefield are stupid?

He says in one breath that the council does not make a profit on parking programmes, then he says that any excess is used for road improvement!

This clearly shows that he does not understand the meaning of profit which is a very worrying fact, given that he is the leader of the council.

He claims he is on the side of the motorist, which I doubt, but he should also be on the side of hard-pressed businesses, those that pay incredibly high rates in the Wakefield area.

The businesses that do all they can to promote their themselves only to see shoppers shy away because of high parking fees.

Think about them Mr Box and reduce parking fees, better still operate a free parking programme.

After all, if you are not making a profit, you may as well abandon parking fees altogether.

Alan Hazelhurst

UKIP Candidate Wakefield South

Hill Top Road