Letter - MPs must listen to the voters

Congratulations to Don Mort on his hard-hitting article regarding the unoccupied fire control center costing us the tax payer £5,000 a week to keep empty at a time when public services to the old and young are under continued attack.

At the time of conception for this project in 2004 the public, the Fire Brigade Union, and RATS told Ed Balls that this project could never work.

Balls told us we didn’t know what we were talking about, well who was right?

In 2010 all Labour MPs voted to close our local post offices despite massive objections from their constituents while voting to give billions of pounds to save private banks, leaving the old and the weak without a decent local service.

Despite mass protests from trade unions and the public the Labour government voted to persue a Private Finance Initiative for the NHS - last year the PFI left our local hospital trust with a £10m deficit and a shortage of over 200 nurses.

Recently, yet again, all Labour party MPs in Yorkshire voted to continue funding for the high speed train network, despite numerous opinion polls showing over 85% of constituents in the WMDC district are opposed to the project while 10% “don’t know, don’t care” and only 5% think it would be a good idea, but only then if the country can afford the scheme.

In a democracy, especially where the public consistently elect Labour Party MPs, surely it is the duty of our MPs to meet with and represent the views of the vast majority of their constituents (all of which our MP refuses to do) not their own self-opinionated ideology which has in the past cost us, the funders of such white elephants, countless billions of pounds whilst our MPs continue to live a life of luxury that we can only dream of.

One has to ask why this disgusting/disgraceful situation by our MPs continues unchallenged?

Well if the Labour Party, Balls, Cooper, et al, really are listening to the people then this time listen and learn, the people say no to HS2.

Paul Dainton

President of RATS

Altofts Lodge Drive