Letter - Mr Bulmer gets it wrong once again say councillors

Once again Mr Bulmer gets it wrong.

I realise he hasn’t got much to keep himself occupied these days so he feels he can have a go at the council and its councillors.

Well I think he could find something a little more amusing to occupy his time than telling untruths to the Wakefield Express.

To say he seldom sees the councillors are a downright fabrication, since we are in Horbury every day, although I do admit we don’t stand around waiting for Mr Bulmer to come along.

We have many jobs to attend to as well as many committees to attend and I feel his comments are truly exaggerated.

I agree that sometimes I also see litter dropped by inconsiderate residents and I pick it up or ring the street cleaners if I feel it needs further cleaning.

However I feel the street cleaners do a reasonably decent job bearing in mind they now have a much reduced staff due to this government’s cuts.

Anyone can ring the council hotline to report any issues they feel needs reporting, they can also attend our surgeries in the library on the first and third Saturday mornings each month but no for some reason it is much easier to complain to the Express. Is it because he loves his name in the paper?

As far as the derelict houses are concerned, Mr Bulmer must realise that someone does own these houses and it is not the council, and though he probably does not believe this but the council is not there to fund and clean homes owned by others, they just do not have the capacity both in funds and manpower.

Put the blame where it belongs fair and squarely at the door of this government.

The councillors for Horbury & Ossett