Letter - NHS 111 service will end up killing someone

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This weekend I was unfortunate enough to have to use the NHS 111 service.

What a waste of time and money this, I hesitate to use the word, service is. I might just as well have stopped the first person passing the end of the street for their opinion!

Your call is answered by a call handler who could equally well be selling you PPI, car insurance or double glazing. Their sum total of medical experience or knowledge is they may watch ‘Casualty‘ on Saturday night.

This service, and again I hate to use the word, will end up killing someone if it hasn’t already and when it does I hope the NHS and the call service is taken to the cleaners!

My advice is if you are stupid enough to become ill outside normal GP, 9 to 5 Monday to Friday hours, go to A&E. Yes you will have to wait and be seen by over-worked stressed doctors and nurses but at least you may survive.

NHS 111 is just another con by government officials to cover up the fact that they once again failed to negotiate a workable contract with the medical professionals.

In fact any deal negotiated by government with any professional body has left them with egg on their faces only reinforcing the fact that civil servants are second rate and out of touch with real professionals.

Richard Saberton

King Street

Horbury Bridge