Letter: No action taken on danger road

Through the letters page on January 9, I highlighted bad conditions on Keeper Lane which connects the A61 Wakefield Road with Notton village.

It places motorists in danger and prevents the use of a public right of way. These dangers are plain for all to see.

So what is the position after a formal complaint to Wakefield Council and a letter to Coun Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for environment and communities?

I see no improvements and those who are responsible have taken no action.

In response to my letter on January 9, Coun David Dagger, cabinet member for transport and highways, said that officers are aware and investigating.

However Coun Cummings has shown no interest and has not replied to my complaint.

Road traffic and the environment are in their remit.

Both are well paid public servants so is it acceptable behaviour for them to be aware of a wrong doing and not to take action?

How much time do they need and when will we see them emerge from their stagnant position to make right of what is wrong?

John Race

Staincross Common