Letter - No end to grave issue

THE Wakefield Express says ‘What do you think about more security for our cemeteries?’

It’s a good idea, even to have CCTV cameras installed at Sugar Lane Cemetery, but it would be rather costly plus there is no electricity supply at Sugar Lane grave yard.

I do agree that all the gates should be locked at certain times and then unlocked the next day.

But this will not stop the vandalism, and thefts of toys and flowers from peoples’ graves – there is no respect these days for anybody who has lost loved ones.

Kids continue to play football.

I feel so sorry for Mrs Churchill who has this trouble, I know it is upsetting.

Mrs Churchill has brought this complaint once again to the public attention as I did way back in 1970.

The late Councillor C Sutcliff, who was then the chairman of the city parks and the cemeteries committee, said then he was aware of the problem and that the police had been informed but there seems to be no end to this problem.

John GK Wildie

Briar Grove