letter - No money on trees

I must reply to Mr Wildie’s Hands Off Health Care letter (Express, April 27).

Poor old Maggie, every time things go wrong she gets the blame.

Mr Wildie may indeed have worked for the NHS but has he been a patient?

Mr Wildie should look back nine or 10 years when, was it 500 new doctors were recruited?

And, the nursing staff increased by, was it thousands? And all paid with, was it borrowed money?

This recruitment, one must admit, did improve the system albeit only slowly and slightly.

But, at the same time, left the NHS in dire financial difficulty – ‘they had their way, now they must pay so the song goes.

Maybe, Mr Wildie will also remember four years ago when the figure published in the Express was that 1,000 NHS staff would have to be either made redundant or take early retirement etc.

The excuse – to save money.

Did Mrs Thatcher cause this or, was it the financial genius of Mr Brown and Mr Balls?

Old regimes were responsible for many wrongs but not the present monetary mess the country is in now.

Unfortunately, money never did grow on trees.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street