Letter - No more fields if this regeneration plan happens

First of all the name - City Fields - there will not be any fields left in this area if this project goes ahead.

£38 million is a great deal of money by anyone’s standards but as the proposed road from Heath Common to Bar Lane has to cover two stretches of water and a railway line I think the total cost will far exceed the one at present estimated.

Once the road is completed, if it ever is, where does the traffic go once it reaches Bar Lane roundabout? Bar Lane is hardly suitable for the volume of traffic the new road will generate and the existing road into Wakefield is not adequate now so it won’t be in the future.

There are no decent roads either in to or out of Wakefield and this project will not solve the problem. Our present roads are a disgrace and yet money can be found to build a new one?

Why do we need new houses to be built by Miller Homes - they cannot sell the ones which have been built on the old Prisoner Officer’s site on Aberford Road - every week we get a flyer through our doors stating that the homes have been reduced in price.

If they can’t move these what makes them think that if they build some more they will sell? Who are the predicted buyers for these new homes? Merchant Gate in Wakefield and the homes by the canal have hardly been a resounding success with many empty. There is also be the risk of flooding, wildlife/trees disappearing and total disruption for many, many years. The proposed land to be used has been cropped twice a year for the last 40 years to our knowledge and the change of land designation has taken everyone by surprise.

We need to grow crops, if everything is built on will we end up depending on other countries for our food or eating each other?

Why can’t we improve what we have and regenerate our poorer areas to make them more attractive? If this planning is passed can our doctors, dentists, hospital and schools cope with the increased number of people who might come to live in Wakefield - I think not.

It certainly won’t be the Utopia predicted.

Terry and Chris Eason

Parkside Lane