Letter - No need for Mandela Square in Wakefield

What tosh Wakefield Council leader Peter Box comes up with.

Instead of doing something useful with his time in his new man cave in Burton Street he’s now re-renaming city squares after Nelson Mandela: Express December 13.

As Mr Box is so fixated with the third world and doing such a great job of turning Wakefield into a replica, you would have thought he would have given the great man the full Del Trotter treatment and named a block of flats after him.

It can only be a matter of time before Mr Box compulsory purchases the Rhubarb triangle and ploughs it up to grow groundnuts, at a financial loss of course.

History shows that Mr Mandela was very fortunate indeed that a true ‘Giant’ in the form of FW de Klerk was committed to bloodless democratic change in South Africa; as of course was Margaret Thatcher who towered above both of them...ah now that is eponymous... ‘Thatcher Towers’.

Duncan Long

Coxley Crescent