Letter - Ossett: Are you proud of your town centre?

I am writing to thank those who are responsible for the recent improvements to Ossett Town Centre precinct.

Don’t they look good?

Those people who live, work and play in Ossett - are you proud of our town centre?

May I remind you all that when the money was first put aside to pay for the renovations, Ossett was represented on Wakefield Council by three hard working, very good, fair minded, local Liberal Democratic councillors – Elizabeth Knowles, Alec Metcalf and Peter Walker.

It is these three residents to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude both while they were in office and since in ensuring that this work was carried out.

Yes there will be others who will tell you that they have played no small part in seeing this work through but it remains the case that without these three individuals none of this work would have been done.

There will also be those who will want to maintain the town centre in pristine condition and to that end will try to bring in to play all sorts of rules and conditions of use.

Please remember this is our town centre it was never meant to be wrapped in cotton wool for only a select few to view.

When these Liberal Democrats argued, debated and fought hard for the money to renovate the town centre it was for the benefit of the whole population of Ossett to enjoy.

Please do nothing to make any individual groups or individuals feel less than welcome in our town centre.

Tony Sargeant

Sowood Court