Letter - Park or University? We want both!

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Shall we have a Park or a University?

What a ridiculous scenario. We want both! The Friends of CHaT Parks and their supporters are the people of Wakefield, we want the very best for our city and that includes the finest university and a beautiful public park.

Just because you own a piece of land does not mean that you can develop that land for housing. If that land is at the centre of a very popular public park then residential development is inappropriate, it would destroy the park.

Wakefield College, from their recent comments, state they want to make as much money as they can from the sale of the land in Thornes Park and that is understandable. But local councillors should understand that to sell parkland to Wakefield College to construct a public highway through the park is wrong and to build a housing estate in the centre of the park is wrong.

When the College previously suggested building 164 houses in the park, a strong case was made that that should not happen and the proposal was withdrawn.

Proper planning considerations should apply equally to this site as they do to every other site in the district.

Thank you to the large numbers of people who have contacted us offering their support, as you would expect, support has come from all over the city and the district and is not limited to those who live near the park.

If you have not done so already, get on our data base of supporters contact info@CHaTParks.ork.uk.

We hope that common sense will prevail. We want the best from a university and a public park.

Please do not let your support for one cloud your judgement on the other.

Ian Deighton


Friends of CHaT Parks