Letter - Parking fees could follow the allotments

In response to Mr A Hazelhurst (UKIP) in last week’s Express.

Mr Hazelhurst says that if the council are not making a profit on parking fees then the fees should be abandoned altogether.

The answer to this problem is quite simple, raise the parking charges up 40%.

The same as allotment fees have have been raised. I was wondering if parking fees have been treated the same as allotment fees, in as much as they have been ignored for years.

Now, the hard-pressed working man has to pay to make up past mistakes.

Since 2005 I have paid £10 per year for water charges, this has now doubled to £20. Also, allotment fees (separate charge) are now to rise 40% (in 2015). I am told this is so allotments can pay for themselves. If parking charges are treated in a similar vein would they not then pay for themselves?

The council’s attitude, along with the current government’s, is to make the working man pay until they can no longer pay any more. nTheir collective attitude is both short-sighted and far too simplistic.

Look at the way the rent debt continues to rise and too many are forced out of their homes. This must cost an enormous amount to the tax payer in re-housing.

Also, look at the draconian bedroom tax and what this does to the poor of Wakefield. My fellow allotment holders keep fit and active with plenty of outdoor activity. We also eat our own home grown fruit and veg. Which in turn collectively keeps us out of the reaches of the NHS, obviously saving the country an incalculable amount of money.

Now, our choice of hobby is being penalised by being charged a whopping increase of 40%. If allotment fees continue to rise in this way our allotments will become another playground for the rich.

Surely there is another way of raising funds? Can not those rather well paid councillors show some foresight, put their heads together and look in another direction other than than the poor to pay their debts?

Personally, I am thankful that ‘er indoors does not run the household budget in the same way.

Geoff Hall

St Michael’s House

Horbury Road