Letter - People don’t want those dark days again

What a load of cobblers. I am referring to the European and council elections. What I can’t understand is that a party like UKIP, who are strongly against Europe, have now got some MEPs. How will they vote on any debate except say no, no, no?

Mr Farage stated that the would be very uncomfortable if he had Romanians as his neighbours. If that’s not racist, then what is?

I have European neighbours next door to me and they are great, always ready to help. I have no problems.

If Mr Cameron and Mr Miliband had the guts and joined Nick Clegg on the TV debate with Mr Farage over Europe, things may have been different.

Mr Cameron was scared of his so-called Conservative-UKIP MPs, and Ed Miliband stayed silent as he would not like to upset the unions.

Mr Farage stated he would like to be the Thatherites again. Oh for god’s sake, not those dark days again, please.

Working class people were put into misery. Families broken up. Even now there are dads and sons who are not speaking.

Please, we don’t want those dark days again.

John G Wildie

Briar Grove