Letter - People should not be dying of cold

Next year (2014) in the Spring, when I am just starting to get to work in my allotment, harsh lessons may, or may not have been learned.

There will be some charitable organisations that will be counting the cost of a met office predicted harsh winter.

While Mr Cameron (who does not wear a jumper) is basking in the heat of his No 10 office he does not have to worry about the bill, as this is tax deductable.

There will be literally thousands of households of both pensioners and those least able to defend themselves worried to death about paying the heating bill. Many, just like last year, will die of cold.

While politicians are politically point-scoring about what they may or may not do about the problem next year, what about now?

I do not think that in the 21st century people should be dying of cold. It’s disgusting, it’s amoral.

Last week’s Express showed that Mr K Dobson who runs Wakefield’s CAP program (Victoria Turton) is inundated with people who are unable to cope financially.

Yet, a rail link is being forced upon us by the same politicians that is going to cost over £42 billion. A monster figure that means nothing to most people.

If we can’t afford to keep our old folk warm in a 21st century winter why are we spending vast amounts building a rail link that will only benefit the well-off?

I do not understand, it makes no sense at all to me.

In the Spring when I am tucking my onions up against the cold, the cemetery next door will be busy again. Counting the cost of a harsh winter, will lessons have been learned? I very much doubt it.

I can always ask my butler (Jeeves) to give me a hug to keep me warm this winter.

Geoff Hall

Horbury Road