Letter - Perhaps pollution support was satirical?

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Your correspondent Mr Long (‘CO2 pollution is our friend’ Wakefield Express May 2) is to be congratulated.

I must confess that my immediate reaction to his contention that ‘the more we can produce of it (CO2) the better’ was dismay that anyone could express such irresponsible and uninformed views. How on earth could he so blatantly ignore the vast mass of meticulously assembled scientific evidence to the contrary?

However, I soon realised my initial misunderstanding and recognised the letter for what it is - a clever piece of satire.

For Mr Long is in fact lampooning the crass ignorance - not to say selfishness - of climate change deniers. He does this so effectively by a fine imitation not only of the content but also of the style of writing.

I look forward to more of such irony from Mr Long’s acid pen in the run-up to the council and Euro elections in order to give added strength to the Green agenda.

Christopher Pritchard

First Avenue

Newton Hill