Letter - Plea to think again over church demolition

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What exactly is the matter with us in Wakefield?

I, and I am sure many others, were hoping that the Church of St Faith (semi destroyed by philistine mindless arsonists a couple of years ago) could he saved.

Even if only as a ruin. I suggested this for St Peter’s, in Stanley, last year but the idea fell on deaf ears.

Now, we read that St Faith’s is to be demolished in spite of protests by English Heritage and certain councillors.

It does beg the question, why?

No words from Wakefield Civic Society either. Some years ago we lost, unlamented, a very rare 17th century brick-built warehouse at Alverthorpe.

The will does not seem to exist to use some imagination and turn the unique Napoleonic St Peter’s to some other use. And now St Faith’s.

The remains of this building surely do not represent a danger any more than Kirkstall, Bolton Fountains or Byland Abbeys present a danger.

Why not just secure the building and leave it for posterity? At least that way we keep our options open.

Once gone, the die is cast; it is gone.

Please think again.

This does not have to be fait accompli.

Why do we have to allow this despoiling to continue?

We seem to be going through a very strange period where we appear blind to our heritage and keep chipping away at it, fooling ourselves that we “won’t really miss this building”.

Believe me we will.

John Roberts

St Johns Court

St Johns