Letter - Police headquarters is too far away

I would suggest that it really should be named “Out of the way”, a divisional police HQ which is 2.5 miles from the main hub of the people whom it should serve, 2.5 from Normanton, Featherstone and Castleford and 10 miles from Wakefield.

A newly-built police station with a Helpdesk which is (walk in) I would judge to be very infrequently visited by the public.

A new police station which again does not produce the sight of actual officers/PCSOs walking the large estates on a regular basis.

PCSOs who spend more time shopping for themselves and keeping out of the way in a local cafe or two.

Come on Mr Commissioner, you were elected on promises made by yourself to make the police more accessible to the public not to hide them away.

Micky Booth

Oakland Hills