Letter - Poor NHS staff survey means we are all losers

I read with sorrow and anxiety your article detailing the staff survey results for Mid Yorks Hospital Trust.

The top team needs to act urgently to address this appalling result so that all employees feel valued and can give of their best.

We are all losers with such results - staff, tax-payers and, above all, those in need of decent healthcare.

I am not going to repeat here the results covered in your article but just one of them in isolation to the rest should be of deep concern to Mr Eames.

The quote you were given to publish from Mr Eames smacks of a well-intended press officer acting for the Trust doing their best in very difficult circumstances.

Mr Eames should offer himself for interview so that he can answer directly and specifically your questions about what he is going to do about this very serious situation.

I hope he and his top team are making themselves available to staff to listen, but the public need to know too.

Terry Moran

Geary Drive