Letter - Profit has no place in care of the sick

Nothing good will ever come of our NHS while profit is involved in the care of the sick of our nation.

The ever creeping poisoned tendrils of profit-hungry managers claws deeper and deeper into the veins of the very poorly NHS.

From the greedy private owners of Pinderfields Hospital clawing back more and more from excessive parking charges putting undue pressure on the underpaid nurses and staff to the darker world of our parliament.

I for one would be interested to know why our government would allow a multi-national drugs company to lobby parliament for a share in the Care Bill currently being discussed.

Apparently NHS England are not permitted to know who are lobbying for interest? If this is allowed, what will come next? If you are too old you may not be put on the list for a new knee or hip. If you are in the wrong county you may not get the right cancer care.

Money/profit will become the key foundation and not the need of the person. Our NHS will no longer be the envy of the world.

This government failed to cull the badgers, it has also failed to cull our elderly this winter through high winter fuel bills. However, it may just give the rich just what it wants, an NHS that makes a profit from only caring for the poorest while the rich get the best care through private medicine.

Profit has no place in the care of the sick, no matter who they are.

Geoffrey Hall

Horbury Road