Letter - Put Unison convener on NHS Trust board

Your story last week regarding the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust saving £750,000 by axing four senior posts was quite encouraging.

I was hopeful it was the start of a cull of more of the obscenely overpaid board members.

But sadly they are to be replaced by someone with the grand title of “Director of patient and staff engagement”.

Apparently the new postholder’s main responsibility will be to speak up for the staff and patients in the boardroom. I wonder how much of the £750,000 savings will be lost in paying for the new post.

The trust’s chief executive says the changes come as a result of the recent staff survey, which he described as a real wake-up call.

But the trust already employ someone, well trained, and more than capable of doing just what this job entails. The Unison convener would be the ideal person to inform the trust board members exactly what the problems are.

He knows first-hand how the staff are treated. He is well aware that downbanding already low-paid staff creates bad feeling rather than harmony.

And by inviting him to the board meetings for his input, rather than appointing an expensive new board member, the money saved could be used to stop the low paid downbanding.

David Honeybell

New North Road