Letter - Radical parking re-think is needed

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I read with interest Colin Strachan’s article about the state of our towns, empty shops and the depressing reminder of the current state our economic strategy.

Talk about politicians, councillors, call them what you may being out of touch. The way I see the problem is it starts with yellow paint, miles and miles and miles of it followed by car parks and finally pedestrian precincts.

Today people are lazy, they don’t want to walk around fancy and expensive paved areas, they want to drive up in their cars as close as they can go into a shop or shops, buy what they have to and drive off again.

Just take a look at schools, even in nice weather parents still take their kids to school in a car if they have one. My neighbours would park their car in the kitchen if they could. I see parked cars on zig zag lines at pelican crossings (Co-op, Dewsbury Road, Ossett).

So, councillors, stop spending ridiculous amounts of tax-payers’ money on expensive so-called low maintenance paved areas and get rid of the endless and in the main unnesscasary miles of yellow lines both single and double.

Act quickly because the rot as set in and a sticking plaster is not going to help, it requires a radical change of thinking.

Chris Barton

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