Letter: Religion and politics can mix

Many people say that religion and politics should not mix and that all churches of all faiths and religious beliefs should stick to preaching the gospel.

I am referring to the Church Of England bishop urging the faithful to vote at the next general election, the bishop did not say what political party to vote for. But they did indicate that it would be disastrous if Britain left the EU for economy and employment.

After the Second World War the late Sir Winston Churchill stated that the only way to keep peace is for united European leaders to work for the common good and to build a trust and co-operation between the nations of Europe.

I say it was good for the Church of England to make the stand.

I hope and pray that the other denominations make the same stand, especially the Church of Rome.

I don’t know what happens now at Mr David Cameron’s cabinet meeting but I know that two of the greatest Prime Ministers - William Gladstone and David Lloyd George - started their meeting with a prayer.

David Lloyd George used to sing the song Rock of Ages, Cleft For Me.

John Wildie

Brear Grove,