Letter - Residents weren’t aware of the extent of Durkar road closures

Denise Jeffery wishes to assure local residents that all known details of the proposals for the new development in Durkar were available during the planning stage (Letters February 7).

Oh that’s all right then. The details were available to someone though not, it seems, to the residents who would be adversely affected and not the full extent of the road closures which would be required.

In any case, according to Coun Jeffery, road closures are not planning issues, so presumably residents did not need to know - and presumably planners are working purely on a need-to-know basis.

Well so much for transparency and accountability!

In response to the drainage issues at the bottom of Durkar Lane, Coun Jeffery states the council will ensure that developers will provide the infrastructure necessary to support their development, which in this case means upgraded drainage capacity.

Now this definitely is a planning issue. It can only be hoped the drainage details were made fully available at the planning stage and necessary and sufficient conditions inserted into the decision notice to make upgrading legally possible.

Again it is a pity the details were not made available to the general public; so much for local democracy and consultation with local neighbourhood groups!

James M Donlon

Durkar Low Lane