Letter - Save some money by turning the fountain off in the evening

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I would like to express my opinion on the Council’s decision to destroy the market hall and rebuild to include an new cinema.

What a waste, if they want to save money why not look at the old cinema on Kirkgate that has been left to deteriorate, open it up, do it up and use it for what it was built for.

Also save some money by turning the fountains off in the Bull Ring at night. I‘ve seen them on late at night, with nobody there to see them. What a waste of money and what ever energy, power is being used to keep them on. The money should be better used on the community.

Why not spend some on youth clubs? Seeing that so many have shut down over the years since i used to help run them. Somewhere for the young to go, not forgetting the lonely O.A.Ps would also like somewhere to go to meet people.

Somehting to think about.

Mr B Towler

Garforth Drive