Letter - Scant regard for the electorate’s opinion

Mr Les Shaw’s comments on behalf of the Council concerning The Hepworth, the markets and a new cinema for Wakefield convey to the people of Wakefield what many of them already knew, that this council elected by the vast majority of the residents, has scant regard for the electorate’s welfare or opinion.

In order to give some credence to the figures quoted, would Mr Shaw publish in this newspaper the audited account that the Hepworth brings ‘millions of pounds to the district’s economy’.

If the Hepworth has attracted a million visitors from outside the area, why should Wakefield and district residents pay £6.2m for its upkeep?

I have nothing against the Hepworth, but am I alone in feeling disinclined to pay for the enjoyment of visitors from outside the area?

I accept that cuts have to be made to the budget, but I would rather see that £6.2m pounds pay for some of our local services.

I have to question that the £22.8m pounds has been spent in and on the local community by ‘visitors from outside the area’.

I, like many others, would like some more substantial evidence to support that report to the council.

Other figures quoted In the article seemed to have been pulled out of a hat.

I would like know on what grounds figures like ‘another £15m will be generated’ and where will ‘a new source of income be found to support future shortfalls’ – we haven’t any more markets to sell.

Let’s be reasonable about this, the council will make £236,000 from the demolition of the market.

What happened to all the promises that were made when the market was set up?

Spurious consultation was how the council responded to the thousands of people who signed petitions and sent letters saying they did not want a new cinema.

Just to show their unquestioned power, the council ignored them.

I suppose we shall have another cinema in spite of what the people want. And I suppose all the building plans will be accepted and nodded through without question.

Ralph Wolstenholme who operates the miniature train at Pugneys quite rightly asks for more council support for Pugneys.

Our Council cabinet member, Councillor Les Shaw says: ‘We have not made a decision so far.’

This uncertainty is what concerns Mr Wolstenholme as it tends to keep visitors away from the park and his business suffers.

What happens next is that visitors stay away and then the council makes a decision that because of poor attendance we are changing the management structure of Pugneys.

This park belongs to and is used and enjoyed by local district people, societies and clubs. Again spurious consulation by the council.

R Brown

Lupset Park